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COVID-19 what does fall semester look like?

ACT: ACT Tests in the fall for Class of '21

How many students, what is your course load?

What scholarships do you target?


The target date for final review of all apps each year is now October 15th.  This has nothing to do with Early Decision (ED) or Early Action (EA), but rather due to colleges regularly moving dates related to scholarships.  I get it, because if you look at each school as a business trying to firm up its revenue projections for the next year, the November and December dates certain schools now have makes total sense for the schools, but is hard on the applicants.  With this in mind, we have removed the this risk from the equation and all apps are due for final review on October 15th.

We have and continue to work with students from coast to coast, and with the new societal push into virtual meetings due to social distancing, we see many more distance students in the future.

For the past seven years we have carried twelve Juniors and 12 Seniors. We focus on quality, not quantity, and these numbers worked for in-person meetings. Going much more virtual, however, we are raising this number to twenty Juniors and twenty Seniors per year. This, along with the twenty (+/-) Freshman and Sophomores with whom we work annually, allows each student the time they need to work through what they want their next path to look like and then get it set.

Yes, you tell us what fits your financial structure, and if reasonable, we’ll make it work. We have accepted payment in full up-front and we have accepted payments over twenty-four months. Our goal is to help you launch your student, so you tell us how that best looks in your world, and we’ll make it happen.

We target merit-based scholarships, those which you receive from grades and standardized test scores. It is much easier to ensure all of our students get equal attention if none of them are seeking an athletic scholarship, so we focus solely on merit-based.

Mostly via text, because that is how they communicate. In addition to text, we email when the message to be delivered is too complex for a text, but we then text the student to let them know there is an email to be read. Also, we use Evernote for interactive checklists, file sharing, and college search URL tracking.

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