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Academic Success

The “Admission Trifecta” model is anchored by grades as they are the base of everything in this process. Pushing yourself in school leads to Honors/AP/IB opportunities, which then tend to show on standardized tests (SAT/ACT). Together, this trifecta acts as the first filter in the admissions process. We ensure the students knows and stays focused on this.

Prime Platform: 11-7-5

As with most of what we do, the Prime Platform leads to options. Apply to eleven schools, gain admission to seven, receive scholarship offers from five. When the time comes to decide, you and your family can choose the best possible option.

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Merit-based Scholarships

Merit-based scholarship money is that which does not have to be repaid. With college expenses being what they are, we have worked with few, if any, families who have said ‘no, thank you’ to possibly free money to help with the overall cost. Our models work to find the ‘best fit’ schools for the student and their academic aspirations, then target these scholarships.

Work on Essays

Rather than submit “just another essay,” which the colleges are insanely bored with reading and will do nothing to make you stand-out in a crowd, we coach your student through the essay process, pushing them to write interesting and engaging essays which a College Admissions Representative would want to read. After the first sentence, if they want to read your essay, you did your job…, you got yourself noticed.

Application Support

From choosing extracurriculars activities, to writing about them in your essays, to Teacher/Counselor Recommendations, to supplemental essays for both Honors Colleges and many of the more selective schools, there are plenty of items needed to round out a solid application packet. We help with all of this.

Completion of Application

October 15th each year is the deadline we set for all applications to be ready for final review. Why? Each year, a number of schools will change their scholarship deadlines, pulling them up in each calendar year. So as to not ever miss a date, we now require all apps to be submitted by the end of October, independent of Early Decision and Early Action deadlines. Applications for schools with rolling admission are done far before this, usually in September. By the time Halloween rolls around, your student will be fully applied to college. Following this, your student will hear admission decisions from many colleges by December 15th.

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