It all started here, and to me, this seems like just yesterday…
Today, however, this is our reality…
We got them this far, let’s push and make sure this next academic step is the
best it can be.
Let’s find the “best fit”, win the scholarships, and get them in and out in 4-years.
Then, let’s help them get launched
the best they can.

Who and Why We Are

While there are many aspects and decisions to be made during the college selection and application process, College Prep Coach focuses on two, the rest become clear after these first two are addressed.
First, our efforts go towards helping students take their first steps into college, focusing on both choice of school and major(s). We help you and your student identify a list of schools which will be considered the “best fit” for your student. Part of this decision is the process of helping them identify their starting major. We refer to is as their starting major because during the four years of college, 1) over 70% of students change their majors once, and 2) nearly 30% change majors more than once. This, along with the fact that asking a high school senior to choose a major can be incredibly suffocating to them because they honestly don’t know what is out there, so most of the time their answers lack any foundation. They think they know, which is good, as it shows they are engaged in the process, but we all thought we did, and we learned that the journey through college shows us what is possible then helps us narrow down how we would like to participate it that field; that’s the whole purpose of college.
Second, during this process, we help families target schools which are within their budgets. To accomplish this, we help identify the “best fit” schools which we believe will have the best chance of offering scholarships (funds which do not need to be paid back). In earning a four-year degree, we do not want students graduating with a mountain of debt, nor do we want families to drain their checking/savings accounts, 529s, 401Ks, HELOCs, etc., because when the money is gone, it’s gone. There are many choices of solid schools which offer students terrific educations and will launch students into highly successful careers, and one of the best ways to make this a possibility is to not drain all your family’s resources getting there.
Our process is simple, straightforward, and proven. Starting this fall, we are offering our structure, our guideline, at no cost so any student who wants a four-year college degree, but doesn’t know how to start, can get going.

How We Do It

Starting this fall, for the ‘23-‘24 academic year, we are proud to announce a completely new model which we hope will reach and help exponentially more students. Going forward, the structure (calendar of to-do items, application timeline, ACT/SAT prep outline, and more…) will be made available at no cost to all families. Registering with us will put you on a weekly email list which we will use to distribute information, guidance, and suggestions. Whether you follow all or just a portion of it Is completely up to you and your wants; most students will benefit from at least a portion of the path we have created.
For those students who need more guidance and application help, we are very excited to announce that our expanded model will include a network of Independent College Admission Counselors across the country who will be ready to work with you. From the list, you will be able to identify the Counselor which you feel best aligns with you and your student’s wants and needs. Whether the Counselor you choose is from your area/region, or is located in the area/region where you are targeting schools, it’ll be your choice. After registering with CPC, you will be able to connect with one of our Counselors and contract directly with them to help with any part of the process. This is especially handy when applying to colleges which rely on essay and short answers in their apps. For Honors Colleges and schools which are considered “selective,” this help is invaluable as your students words an thoughts are a central part of the admission process. Aside from essays, these Counselors can help in discussing options in majors, identifying the best schools and the colleges for them, all while keeping your family’s financial targets in sight.

Change Your Life


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